Dr. VivekVij

Director Liver Transplant at Fortis Hospitals

As one of the pioneers of Liver transplant Dr. VivekVij has played key role in establishing two successful liver transplant programs in India. After joining as director for liver transplant program at Fortis Hospital Noida, he established a world class program with more than 97% survival statistics and 100% donor safety. This center became the first active and largest center of UP state with state of the art facilities catering to a wide range of liver transplant patients. Milestone of more than 100 transplants was achieved in a very short span of time at Fortis Hospital NOIDA after inception of liver transplant program in 2011. Over the last one year alone, another 100 liver transplants were performed at Fortis Noida. With the passion of liver transplant and hepatobiliary surgery, he has performed more than 1000 liver transplants with minimum complications. This includes both deceased donor and living donor liver transplants including pediatric transplants. At Fortis Noida, he has performed UP states first combined Liver and Kidney transplant and posterior sectoral graft from the donor. Dr. Vivek has been the part of many firsts in India including combined liver kidney transplant, dual transplant, first transplant in HIV patient, transplantation for situs inversustotalis and many others.In addition, Dr. VivekVij is credited with successfully performing technically challenging liver transplants including those in patients with Budd Chiari syndrome, syndromic biliary atresia and metabolic diseases in pediatric patients. He has credit of doing liver transplants in pediatric patients with youngest being 6 months of age and only 6 kg weight. He is also credited with successful liver transplants in morbidly obese recipients, weighing up to 130kg. Dr. Vivek has worked hard at minimizing the morbidity and mortality associated with liver transplant. As a result, over the last one year, we have had near zero biliary and arterial complications. Post operative care of the patient under his guidance has further improved patient survival. We boast of more than 97% in hospital survival which is comparable to and even better than most national and international centers offering liver transplant.
Dr. Vivek is one of the best donor surgeons in India, with excellent donor surgery profile and one of the largest experiences in India and world. He pioneered many surgical innovations including phrenocaval dissociation in donors. With minimal morbidity of donors, he has made the donor surgery very safe for donation. Last 300 donor hepatectomies did not require any blood transfusion. There was no postoperative bile leak in the donors and all the donors were discharged without any delay in hospital stay. He is also done donor surgeries through small cosmetically good looking incisions and midline incisions. His special interest lies in laparoscopic donor hepatectomies and hybrid procedures for donors. He has performed and published his results with laparoscopic assisted donor hepatectomies internationally. He has pioneered the work on selection of type of right lobe graft for the recipient, and was awarded international award for the same.
Liver Transplant Program at Fortis Hospital Mohali (FHM), Chandigarh is also headed by Dr Vivek Vij. FHM is a Multi-Superspeciality JCI accredited hospital of Fortis Hospitals. Moving forward we have conducted few successful transplants at Fortis Mohali also.
With such work load and experience, he has published and presented his work in various national and international forums. He has also published his work and results in various international journals of repute. Along with his team, the cumulative experience is of more than 2000 liver transplants till date.


After getting his Bachelor degree from prestigious B.J. Medical College, Pune, he got his masters training from India and abroad and has more than fifty national and international publications and presentations to his credit. He was the only candidate from India to be selected in 2005 for prestigious Roche Preceptorship training program in University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA.

He has performed whole range of advanced GI surgical procedures including Whipple’s pancreaticoduodenectomy to colonic interposition in corrosive injuries. His area of interest is in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. He has performed more than five hundred liver resections including segmental liver resections for tumors and other benign disorders of the liver.

With continuous improvement in results of Living related liver transplant and ever growing need of liver transplant, his next aim is to establish system for the Deceased Donor Liver Transplant considering the need of time.

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