Mr. Sivaramakrishnan

Sivaram, the co-founder of Medobal Healthcare has been into the medical value travel sector with an aim to ease the reach of medical facilities globally. He had a bachelors degree in electronics engineering andhaving been a part of the revolutionizing robotics company (SP robotics pvt ltd) since its inception as a Core Team Member and Head of Sales, transforming the methodology ofroboticseducation sector in India.

He is enthusiastic, fast-paced and has a drive to bring about a change in whatever field he is in. With his rich experience in market research, pre-sales and business development along with passion formedicine field, he is keen in making the medical travel sector flourish worldwide.

Being an Electronics engineer, he found interest in the medical field because of the need for proper guidance system to medical travellers across the globe which highly demands for technological expertise. There is lack of good quality medical treatment for people in less-developed countries and the costs of medical procedures are high in well-developed countries. This imbalance in the healthcareinduced him to make a way where everyone gets the best medical treatment. He looks forward to provide a complete high-quality healthcare service at the least costright from the start of the medical travelto the accommodation and the return.


Instead of living a money driven life, he wanted to change lives of people in an effective way and he is doing so, will do so in the future too.


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