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The Foundation for Health and Wellness in the Public Interest members are natural healthcare professionals such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, holistic medical doctors and dentists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and naturopathic physicians who volunteer their time as motivational and keynote speakers.

The free services all emphasize prevention as the key to health.  Hosting a lecture or event by a professional healthcare motivational and keynote speaker can benefit you and your patrons or employees in the following ways:

  1. 1.You are able to offer an additional service at no cost to you, your patrons, or employees.

  2. 2.When it is appropriate, the keynote speaker will provide information on your services or products.

  3. 3.You can attract new people to your establishment through these health-oriented events.

  4. 4.You can be seen as an establishment that cares about your staff or patrons, and that promotes health through alternative or natural methods.

  5. 5.FHWPI members work with venues to help promote events to make them as successful as possible.

  6. These services are available for all types of organizations, whether you are a non-profit or for-profit organization.

  7. If you would like to schedule a motivational and keynote speaker for your business or group, please call the following number, leave your contact information, and one of our representatives will contact you.

(952) 474-1327

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Why and How to Book a

Professional Health Care Motivational and Keynote Speaker