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Are you a chiropractor, osteopath, naturopath, MD, traditional Chinese medical doctor, physical therapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, or some other healing arts professional? FHWPI is looking for qualified, nature-based/ holistic health professionals, preferably with certification, license, degree, etc., who would like to give their time and expertise to their community through volunteering as a featured speaker.

Volunteers are responsible for finding their own speaking opportunities and for the content of their presentations. FHWPI membership requires a yearly $100 fee to support administrative functions. Group rates are available.  A signed membership agreement will also be required which states that the member will adhere to the principles and policies of FHWPI. Please see our by-laws on the last page.

We are a community service organization and do not exist to promote the business of the speaker, although your representation of yourself as an experienced and educated professional may well help your business grow. Obvious self-promotion may detract from your audience's confidence in you as a professional as it signifies a conflict of interest in your motivation for educating them.


  1. Some public speaking experience is helpful, though not required.  Serious pursuit of better presentation skills would likely benefit you at any level of experience.

  2. Self-confidence, as well as tenacity, to find opportunities to speak to groups in your community. These groups may not even know they are looking for a speaker, nor that there is someone like you with such a wealth of knowledge and a love of humanity to get out and share yourself and your expertise.

  3. Ability to keep appointments as promised and on time!

  4. Ability to handle the sudden growth of your practice when your audience recognizes you as a professional they can trust and begin to call you for help.

Please contact us if you are interested.  We are also open to working with schools and professional organizations which educate and support health professionals.

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Volunteer Speakers and Workshop Leaders Needed Everywhere!